Title Sequence; Se7en.

This film begins with action, leaving the title sequence to come in after a few short scenes. These scenes illustrate “normal” human lives; a hard working detective, a young man trying to make his way in the world, a young marriage seemingly made in heaven. All of these themes and ideals are in contrast to the mind of a maniacal psychopathic serial killer, which is defined in the title sequence.

These steady shots turn into flickering, flashing and systematic imagery. The music is disconcerting and the imagery (cutting off fingerprints, horrible photos, crude and insane rambling writing) is uncomfortable and disturbing.

The type face used for the credits was of two fonts. The type used for introducing the roles in the production crew and characters was a slightly blotted typewriter style. But the names were handwritten in a scratchy and unkempt style. This goes with the imagery of a madman clearly planning his revenge on humanity.

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